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Inverness Golf Club greens

It's amazing how a few simple tips from one of the finest golf courses in Denver can improve your golf game. Whether you're a scratch golfer or new to the game, a few simple golf tips can often help as much as formal golf lessons.

Provided by PGA professionals at The Inverness Golf Club, these helpful golf tips will be updated frequently-so be sure to join our virtual golf clinic often.

Golf Tip: The Pitch Shot
The pitch shot should be used when the option to chip the ball is not available. The difference between a pitch shot and a chip shot is that a pitch shot spends more time in the air than on the ground. A pitch shot should be played from deeper grass or when you are faced with having to carry the ball over an obstacle like a tree or a bunker, and can be played with a sand wedge or a lob wedge. A few key points to remember when playing a pitch shot are:

  • Set up - weight should be slightly forward of center
  • Ball position - the ball should be in the center of the stance right in line with the sternum
  • Club and grip - the shaft of the club should be leaning toward the target, gripping the club more towards the clubhead
  • Swing - rock the shoulders like a putt with a slight hinging of the wrists

Since the intended trajectory for this shot is higher, a common fault is for the golfer to try and "help" the ball in the air. This is done by unhinging the right wrist (left wrist for left handed golfer) too early causing the club to pass in front of the hands and bottoming out too soon. The effect of this fault is either striking the ground before the ball, or catching the ball with the leading edge of the club rather than the clubface. To overcome this fault, try to keep the back of your top hand "firm" and heading toward your target. After playing the shot you should be able to take your bottom hand off the club and have a straight line created with the club and your arm. Practicing these things will lead to lower scores and more enjoyment on the golf course.

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