Baca is a delicious blend of Colorado's past and present.

Baca is an unparalleled dining experience featuring contemporary Colorado fusion cuisine with tastes and techniques from all over the world! Named after one of the state's most influential families, Baca's menu features a tempting array of regional favorites conceived by our award-winning chefs who bring their own unique interpretation to the dishes by exploring the history and Castilian origins of Colorado cuisine.

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The Study Of...

Braised Scallions


by The Destination Culinary Collection

Cooking is more than the preparation of food. Cooking is a passion, a celebration of taste, the study of how ingredients come together to ignite the senses. Cooking is the mastery of techniques, the art of integrating the sciences, and a reinvention of cuisine.

Join us to celebrate the ingredients that allow us to create brilliant dishes to delight and inspire. "The Study Of" culinary series features an in-depth exploration of ingredients with the chefs of the Destination Culinary Collection. Each quarter, we'll unveil a new gastronomic topic for our chefs to examine through cooking demonstrations, educational lectures, innovative recipes or sumptuous tastings.

Explore recipes, cooking tips and enhancements here, to personally sample our expertise visit Baca. Bon appetit